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The Alpha Phi chapter is excited about Recruitment 2019!  We encourage every woman attending Texas Tech to go Greek, and we can’t wait to meet each of you during Open House.  The dates of formal recruitment are August 19-24, 2019.


To learn more about Texas Tech Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment and how to register, please visit:


We encourage our alumnae to submit references for any women they know who are participating in Formal Recruitment. We would appreciate receiving references for Texas Tech no later than June 30, 2019.

Reference forms can be found on and can be emailed to:

or mailed to:

Texas Tech Alpha Phi

#1 Greek Circle

Lubbock, Texas 79416

A message from our Vice President of Membership Recruitment 

Hi, everyone! Welcome to our page & thank you for your interest in Alpha Phi! We are so excited for you to join the Red Raider family! My first year here at Texas Tech was not only the most exciting & thrilling, but also the most rewarding. Living away from home truly taught me more about myself & what I could achieve with & because of my sisters. Throughout Recruitment, Alpha Phi set itself apart because of it’s true interest in who I am. Alex, who would later be my big, truly sought my heart & made me feel at home. This is what I hope for all of you. And we hope to see what wonderful women you all will form to be.  We, the sisters of the Gamma Iota chapter, are enthusiastic to get to know every one of you. Throughout the year, we have worked endlessly to make sure that you all have the best experience with the Gamma Iota chapter. We hope to make sure you all feel at home & offer a place of ease throughout this entire experience that we call Recruitment! Our goal is for each of you to leave with a piece of our values of character, generosity, sisterhood, and innovation in your heart. 


Throughout my years here at Texas Tech, Alpha Phi has given me so many things to be grateful for. From heartfelt friendships to beloved memories, my heart beats for this chapter. As recruitment chair I can say with a sincere heart that the strong & beautiful women here have pushed me to achieve my goals & overcome everything that has been placed in my life. I am so grateful to be in my position because I have the ability to ensure that new members like you have the opportunity to feel as welcomed as I did. I have so much love for my sorority & I pray for every one of you to have a similar experience to what I have had here. I look forward to meeting you all this year! 


Thanks & wreck ‘em always! 


Alyssa Mendoza 

Vice President of Membership Recruitment