The Alpha Phi Foundation


The Alpha Phi Foundation is the proud philanthropic partner of Alpha Phi International Fraternity, with a mission of “advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy”. Alpha Phi officially adopted Women’s Heart Health as a priority in 1946, which became the Foundation’s philanthropic priority upon its founding in 1956.

Alpha Phis are committed to benefiting our philanthropy the Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports women’s heart health. Heart Disease is the number one killer of women, more than all forms of cancer combined. Alpha Phi helps this cause in many ways, most importantly through the Heart to Heart grant, a $100,000 contribution given by the Alpha Phi Foundation to the organization(s) that are doing the most innovative research in improving women’s heart health.


This year, Alpha Phis all around the country raised over $2,300,000 for The Alpha Phi Foundation! Texas Tech Alpha Phi is a proud contributor to this amount by donating $30,000 to our beloved philanthropy this past school year!

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